Welcome to Radio Marsden

Broadcasting to The Royal Marsden’s hospitals since 1969, Radio Marsden is now in its 51st year of continuous service.

We are staffed entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers who make sure Radio Marsden is on air 24/7 to both Sutton and Chelsea on bedside TV, radio channel 700.

The Request Show is the backbone of Radio Marsden. Patients can tune in any time from their bedside entertainment units on the wards, while family and friends can listen to the Radio Marsden online streaming service from home.

We invite everyone to share messages, dedications and song requests and doing so couldn’t be easier. Just click here and fill in the form.

Throughout the week, we bring an eclectic range of music and conversation to the airwaves. Shows dedicated to musical genres are broadcast every day alongside specialist programming, giving patients the chance to tune into everything from the sounds of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to show tunes, soundtrack songs, country and classic albums.

Click on the buttons to request a song, listen live or support Radio Marsden. We would love to hear from you.